Types of Yarn

Our Basket of Spun Yarn Offerings

Sutlej Specials – Premium varieties

100% Polyester

100% Viscose

100% Cotton (Conventional, Organic & BCI)

100% Modal and Tencel

100% Cotton Mélange and Cone-dyed

100% Acrylic / Non-Bulk


Polyester / Cotton Blends

Polyester / Acrylic Blends

Viscose / Cotton Blends

Acrylic / Cotton Blends


Modal/ Polyester

Bamboo/ Cotton

100% Cotton Mélanges

Cotton Mélanges Blended Yarns

100% Cotton Yarn Solid Dyed

Cotton / Wool Blends

Cotton / LinenBlends

Viscose / WoolBlends

Multi BlendedYarns

Viscose / Cotton Blends

100% Modal Mélanges

Modal / Cotton Mélanges (Modal from Lenzing)

Injection Slubs & Normal Slubs

Bamboo / Cotton Blended Yarns

Neppy Yarns in Cotton & its Blends

Jaspe yarn in cotton & its blends

Micro-polyester (soft touch)

Micro-acrylic (for chenille)

Micro-modal(super-soft silky)

Hamel covered yarns (stretch)

Low piling yarns

Carpet backing and pile yarns

Ready-to-dyepackage yarns

Cationic dyeableyarns


Soy milkfibre yarns

100% bamboo