Sutlej is driven towards building a sustainable business with a prudent balance of financial robustness and social responsibilities. We constantly strive to keep our operations environment-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint by investing in green technologies and sustainable practices.

We are also in the continuous process of increasing efficiency by optimum utilisation of resources and technology. Our other initiatives like tree plantation, waste water recycling and rainwater harvesting are bold steps towards becoming a sustainable organisation.


Our internal ethics drive our desire to be a responsible corporate. Moving ahead of the times, we have been using eco-friendly materials well before our clients requested them. We also proactively invest in clean energy, minimise our carbon and effluent footprint and recycle raw materials, even before these initiatives are mandated.

Source organic cotton as raw material for spinning

Use eco-friendly dyes and pigments

Installed rooftop solar panels to harness 2.2 MW of power at our Bhawanimandi plant

Recycle water using effluent water treatment


In addition to creating our own source of renewable energy, we seek eco-friendly ways to conserve energy and water by effecting process and machinery modifications, implementing technological advancements, developing newer processes, energy audits, optimal and timely maintenance, etc.

Conserve 1,500 KLD of water due to our effluent water treatment

Conserve over 10,000 KWH of energy per day

Replaced fluorescent lights and metal halide lamps with LED lights at the spinning units

RO Systems at the Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) of our mills to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)