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Manufacturing Facilities

Sutlej has four manufacturing units, situated in North & West India. To match the ever-growing demands of the industry and claim leadership in various key performance indicators, these units are testimonies to quality, technology and innovation.

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Rajasthan Textile Mills


Bhawanimandi, Rajasthan


Cotton, man-made fibre yarns and its blends in grey, melange ,dyed & grey knitted fabrics

Current Capacity:

91,584 spindles for man-made fibres and 35,280 for cotton mélange yarns.

18 Circular Knitting Machines

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Chenab Textile Mills


Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir


Cotton mélange and man-made fibre yarns.

Current Capacity:

1,10,928 spindles for cotton mélange yarns and 97,512 spindles for man-made fibre yarns.

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Birla Textile Mills


Baddi, Himachal Pradesh


Cotton, man-made fibre yarns of blended, fancy varieties in grey/dyed.

Current Capacity:

13,418 spindles of PC mélange and 69,958 spindles for man-made fibres.

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Damanganga Home Textiles


Daheli, Gujrat


Home Textiles (curtains, upholstery, made ups)

Current Capacity:

9.6 million meter per annum and 126 shuttle-less looms

Manufacturing highlights

Superior technology at every step of the way ensures premium products…

To pre-empt minor blending faults that could originate at this stage and only become obvious only after finishing, we use Truetzschler Tuft Blender in the Blow Room.

During the Carding process, for optimal card setting parameters and to obtain the best sliver quality, use of TC-10, LC361, LC 300A with Autoleveller and LC1/3

Top-of-the line Draw Frames (RSB-851,Vouk, D-30, D-35, LMV With Autolevellers) for high quality and productivity at remarkable speeds

Use of advanced LF 4200A, LF1600 during the Simplex process to transform the drawn slivers into suitable roving

Ring Frame KTTM,LRG5/I, LR-6, LR60, LR9 for fast and reliable ring spinning

Making the Winding process efficient in terms of production optimisation, minimization of energy consumption, reduced operator interventions, etc., by automation using machines (Savio Orion, Polar & Pulsar, Schlafhorst 238 & 338 Autoconer)

TFO machines from leading manufacturers of Twisters, Veejay Lakshmi, Star Volkmann, Prerna, to achieve optimal efficiency parameters

Versatile dyeing machines, Staffi, Dalal, Calico, Fongs, for standard and creative coloration of various materials at the Dyeing Plant

Hamel Twister for top quality Elas to Twister that assure security to all downstream processors and consumers

For smoother, finer, stronger and more uniform yarns, intense combing machines (L/Rieter E 7/5, LMW, LK64)

To maximise product weights, improve quality and increase machine speeds, optimal humidity control with Batliboi, LUWA Humidifiers.

Finest pallet and cartons packaging machines to protect our precious cargo while in storage and transit.