• We are the largest producer of Melange Yarn in India

  • Share of capacity of dyed yarn spindles in India is 25%

  • Number of dyed yarn spindles of Sutlej is 4,12,968

  • Increase of spindles into cotton blended and cotton mélange dyed yarns to 29% in 2015-2016 from 23% in 2011-12

  • Yarns exports stood at 29.84 million kilograms by volume in 2015-16, a 39.18% increase over the previous year

  • Achieved 95.54% capacity utilisation across 4,12,968 spindles

Sutlej Textiles is one of the biggest producer of spun-dyed yarn in India and is one of the largest exporters of value added synthetic and blended yarns in the country with versatility of products. Sutlej is also one of the prominent manufacturers of cotton and cotton blended dyed and mélange yarns. It is amongst the few exclusive spinners in India for specialty yarns such as Modal, Lyocell and Tencel in the country. Sutlej Textiles is one stop shop for its customers and is a pioneer in developing a large number of blends and shades to meet the ever changing requirement of its customers.

The Company’s engagement in this space extends beyond scale. It has a passionate involvement in the development of blends and shades that can potentially enhance consumer convenience and marketplace excitement.

The Company progressively widened its presence across the yarn value chain (cotton to polyester to viscose to acrylic to modal to lycra to teflon to linen) and strengthened its ability to manufacture multi-fibre (synthetic and natural) yarn across diverse blends (grey, dyed and mixed) and counts (Ne 6’s – 50’s).

The result is that the Company has progressively emerged as a one-stop specialised yarn solutions provider for some of the most demanding market-facing companies within India and across the world.


Our Spun Yarn Basket

  • 100% Polyester
  • 100% Viscose
  • 100% Cotton (Conventional, Organic & BCI)
  • 100% Acrylic / Non-Bulk
  • Polyester / Viscose Blends
  • Polyester / Cotton Blends
  • Polyester / Acrylic Blends
  • Viscose / Cotton Blends
  • Acrylic / Cotton Blends

Our Specialities

  • 100% Cotton Melanges
  • Cotton Melanges Blended Yarns
  • 100% Cotton Yarn Solid Dyed
  • Cotton / Wool Blends
  • Cotton / Linen Blends
  • Viscose / Wool Blends
  • Multi Blended Yarns
  • Viscose / Cotton Blends
  • 100% Modal Melanges
  • Modal / Cotton Melanges (Modal from Lenzing)
  • Injection Slubs & Normal Slubs
  • Low Pill Yarns
  • Bamboo / Cotton Blended Yarns
  • Neppy Yarns in Cotton & its Blends
  • Jespe Yarns in Cotton & its Blends
Strong volume growth from 75 million kilograms in 2014-15
to 95 million kilograms in 2015-16.
  • unit
    Rajasthan Textile Mills

    1,25,712 Spindles
  • unit
    Chenab Textile Mills

  • unit
    Birla Textile Mills

Deparment Technology
Blow Room Truetzschler with Tuft Blender
Carding TC-10, LC361, LC 300A with Autoleveller and LC1/3
Draw Frames RSB-851,Vouk, D-30, D-35, LMV With Autolevellers
Simplex LF 4200A, LF1600
Ring Frame KTTM,LRG5/I, LR-6, LR60, LR9
Auto Winding Savio Orion, Polar & Pulsar, Schlafhert 238 & 338 Autoconers
TFO Vijay Lakshmi, Star Volkmann, Prerna
Dyeing Plant Staffi, Dalal, Calico, Fongs
Packing Pallet & Cartons
Elasto Twister Hamel Twister
Comber L/Rieter E 7/5, LMW, LK64
Humidification Batliboi, LUWA


Product Development

The ability of our company to continuously innovate on product offerings is an outcome of class-leading research done at our Yarn Development centres (YDC) separately for cotton mélange yarns and synthetic yarns.

These centres have machines from Blowroom to Finishing for quick preparation of samples of new yarn varieties. All required tests on fibre, yarn and process material are conducted for producing robust products. Another dedicated development lab for mélange yarn is in design phase equipped with miniature production process.

Recent Technology Upgrades

Bhawanimandi Unit

  • Installed Autoconers of latest technology to replace old outdated Autoconers.
  • Installed three LF 1660 V Speed Frame to replace outdated speed frames.
  • Installed one D-22 twin delivery Reiter Drawframe with Autoleveller for improving productivity and quality of product.
  • Installed two "Skaat" & two "PEA Slub" Equipment on Ring frame for producing value added fancy yarn.
  • Installed one cone to cone rewinding machine for consistency in quality of rewinding.
  • Installed two LD-2 Draw Frames to replace outdated draw frames.
  • Various other additions and alterations were made in machines for improvement in productivity and quality.

Kathua Unit

  • Installed four Autocorners of latest technology.
  • 6 Nos. LC-300A V3 Cards were installed to increase the productivity.
  • Two no. LFS-1660 V Simplex Frames installed to replace outdated Simplex Frames.
  • One no. Heavy cone winding machine with 64 drums installed to increase the productivity and making heavy packages.
  • One no. RSB-851Draw Frame with autoleveller for increasing productivity.
  • Replaced Peyer 551 gauges with Uster Quantum Clearers in 2-Auto coners for improvement in quality.
  • 328 Nos. EYC Gauges installed on manual cone winding machines to improve yarn quality.
  • Various other additions and alterations were made in various machines to improve productivity and quality.