Manufacturing Facilities

Here below is a snapshot of our various plants, their products and capacities.

Units Location Products Current Capacity
Rajasthan Textile Mills Bhawanimandi (Rajasthan) Synthetic and Blended Yarns. 90,432 spindles for Cotton Blended & Man-made Fibres and 35,280 is Cotton Melange Yarns.
Chenab Textile Mills Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir Cotton Mélange Yarns, Cotton Blends Dyed Yarn. Man-made Fiber Yarns. 1,06,175 Spindles for Cotton MélangeYarns. 97,129 Spindles for Man-made Fiber Yarns.
Birla Textile Mills Baddi, Himachal Pradesh Cotton and Cotton Blended Yarns. Synthetic and Blended Yarns. 83,376 spindles
Damanganga Home Textiles Daheli Gujrat Home Textiles (Curtains, Upholstery, Made ups) 9.6 million meter per annum.

With four manufacturing units in Northern and Western part of India, we cater to the ever-growing demands of the industry. Each of our units reflects the same high standards of quality, technology and innovation that Sutlej upholds.

While Rajasthan Textile Mills, Chenab Textile Mills and Birla Textile Mills are engaged in manufacturing niche yarn products, Damanganga Home Textiles is at the forefront of manufacturing premium home textiles.