Key Strength


Innovation is integral to Sutlej textiles, the strength that has enabled the company to develop the widest range of products in spun-dyed, cotton blended and mélange dyed yarns. Innovation is driven by the needs of the customers who increasingly demand differentiated products to respond to new trends and consumer preferences. Every new innovation at Sutlej is tested to precision to evaluate and establish effectiveness before implementation.

Our belief and commitment to innovation helps us remain the only one stop solutions provider servicing diverse customer needs.

Technology Upgrades

Technology advancements help improve production efficiency and offer better quality products. Sutlej is an active adopter of new technology across production, quality assurance and research & development. It helps us reduce conversion costs, batch turnover time and defects. It has also bestowed higher production flexibility, quality, efficiency and capacity utilization.

Capacity Strengthening

Capacity leadership is key to building a world-class organization in textiles. Its important to leverage on the economies of scale advantage from sourcing of raw materials to offering the widest range of products to our customers. We are able to work with flexibility in responding to customer demands because of our capacity advantage. It is also very useful in carrying out continuous product development and conduct product runs without affecting our order pipeline.